Gundog Training

Welcome to the fascinating world of gundog training, where the timeless bond between humans and canines flourishes, and a centuries-old partnership between hunters and their faithful companions is nurtured. Gundog training is an artful endeavor that harks back to ancient times when our ancestors relied on the skills of these intelligent and versatile dogs to assist them in hunting and retrieving game.
Whether you are an experienced hunter looking to enhance your partnership with your four-legged companion or a novice seeking to embark on this rewarding journey, gundog training opens the door to a remarkable relationship based on trust, communication, and mutual respect.
It does not matter if you have no intention of taking your dog on a shoot, gundog training is a an exciting, rewarding and mentally stimulating dog sport for pet dog and working dogs. We use a range of simulation dummies, no live or cold game, unless you later decided you want to give it a go in the shooting field. The same level of training and the same level of consistency is used in both our field or fun areas of gundog training.