Pet Dog Day Training


  • At our Training Facility in Ashill (IP25 7DB) . 
  • 10 Week Dog / Puppy Day Training
  • We spend an a day once a week training your dog for the real world things your dog needs.
  • You get feedback and homework on what we have done, and for you to do between sessions
  • If you think you will get a trained dog from this 10 week programme without doing any homework, please do not order.

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10 Week Dog / Puppy Day Training

Many dog owners simply do not have the time to train their dogs, or realise just how important training their dog is.

Our 10 week day training programme was born as a direct result of the need to offer basic training for pups and adult dogs alike, where this became especially important due to all the pups that were purchased during the various lockdowns throughout 2020.

Having read a paper written by Stockholm University, during the first lockdown, which offered advice based upon research of the frequency of training required, the 10 week (10 sessions) day training program was put together by us to serve an increasing need for help and guidance.

Not a simply turn up for 6 weeks and get a certificate, but actually involving a qualified and respected trainer in yours and your dogs training.

All our Day Training programs comprise of the training you require for your dog, but will always cover:-


  •  Verbal Recall Whistle Recall
  • Sit & Down (including stays)
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Manners
  • Socialisation
  • And far more besides.

At the end of every day your dog is with us, you will receive a report on what has been done during the sessions on that day, work you can continue between sessions, but most importantly how we have done it.You will also have access to back up videos, photos etc and all manner of other usual information, advice and tips.

Where possible you will also receive videos and photos of your dog enjoying its training.

Once you have booked and paid for your Day Training Program Steve or Mel will be back in touch to arrange dates etc.